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July 18, 2011, 12:58 a.m. - Others- Hyderabad
Ads Detsils

An online advertising company, Saidataentryjobs provides truthful and genuine jobs which require a minimal investment. Payment is timely and guaranteed. Students, housewives, retired persons, professionals - anyone and everyone can start working with us. Payment is monthly. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed! And that's not all! The actual work is posting our Ad content in various classified websites, Message boards, Web directories, forums etc. We will be providing you all the work details including Ad content and website addresses to post the Ad content. You have to Copy our Ad content and paste it according to the instructions. In this Ad Posting Job, You will be paid for every Ad you post whether it has been clicked or not. There are 3 Types of Schemes & Earning Plans. You can earn 5000-25000 per month as per our plans. You can refer your friends and earn money through our referral program to this ad posting as well as for medical transcription training of Please visit, call 9866620123, 9247861652


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