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SMS Excel Plug-in offers you to send SMS from Excel sheet directly. As most Business Professionals use MS Excel for organizing their customer data along with its feature to send SMS from Excel, empowers all users to save their precious time and send personalized bulk SMS. Our SMS Excel Plug-in can be directly integrated with Microsoft Excel and one can send different SMS to different mobile number at once instantly. No Need to Login to any website. You can send SMS directly from Excel Sheet. Send personalized Bulk SMS i.e. send different SMS to different user at a time from our SMS Excel plug-in. Our SMS Excel Plug-in allows to schedule the SMS Campaign i.e. send SMS at a future date and time. Excel plug-in saves a lot of time and allows you to manage your SMS campaigns with great ease. We offer excel plug-in software for free those who buy priority sms from us FOR MORE DETAILS ABOUT THE PRODUCT PLEASE CONTACT +91 .9177722335, +91 .9885888835, +91. 9700123568 EMAIL: info@ shineits.com http://www.shineits.com


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