Anti Cancer Drugs, Critical Care Drugs, Pain and Palliative Products, EPA Reg Disinfectant Chemicals

Feb. 18, 2011, 7:12 a.m. - Pharmacies- Coimbatore
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Intexmatrix is a professionally managed fast growing company, among the spectrum of Indian Pharma Companies, which are spreading their wings across the globe. The organization strives to discover, develop and successfully market innovative Life Saving Drug (Anti Cancer Drugs, Cardiac Products, Anti Diabetic Drugs, Narcotic Drugs, Pain and Palliative Products) to cure diseases, to ease suffering, and to enhance the quality of life. At Intexmatrix, we are dedicated to transforming the lives of patients through the commercialization of new and important medicines, EPA registered Disinfectant Chemicals (New generation quaternary ammonium compound) and Super Specialty Chemicals. Our goal is to focus on developing and marketing innovative products addressing unmet medical needs. We are a pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of important medicines to address serious diseases treated by physician specialists, in areas including hospital settings. The values on which we have built our business are important assets to us: Customer focus, quality, passion, continuous improvement, courage, teamwork and integrity. These values are evident throughout Intexmatrix the way we conduct our business, the way we communicate with our various customers and in the manner in which we relate to one another. The following are the products I am dealing Life Saving Medicine Anti Cancer Drugs Critical Care Drugs Floseal Hemostatic Matrix Tisseel kit Fibrin Sealant Anti Diabetic Drugs Pain Killers Drugs Claris lifesciences limited Rusan Healthcare Baxter BioSurgery products Reliance Life Sciences Pvt Ltd. Lonza India Pvt Ltd Narcotic Drugs Cutseal (n-Butylcyanoacrylate 0.15g) Rubuphine 10g, 20g (Nalbuphine) Pain and Palliative Products Oncology Range Natural Honey Cardiovascular injections Cns injections Gastrointestinal Injection Musculo Skeletal Injection Endocrine Injection ( harmones & steroids) Genito Urinary Injection Antibiotic & Anti Infective Injection Speciality Antibiotic Drugs Peripherally Muscle Relaxants (anaesthetic injections) Medicines for Kidney disease Cardiac Products HIV Drugs and TPN Rang Veterinary Medicine EPA Registration Disinfectant Chemicals Specialty Disinfectant Chemicals Non Alcoholic Hand Sanitizer New generation Premium quaternary ammonium compound Aldehyde free disinfectant chemicals Non-Irritant disinfectant chemicals Fumigation chemicals (Aldehyde free Non-Irritant disinfectant chemicals) Thanking you Sincerely G.R.Rajkumar Cell: +919952288889, 9842284678 Web:


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